I've since had to hire attorneys for a few other cases, and I assure you Mr. Carey is extremely helpful and knowledgeable. Sometimes you are fooled into the consulting part of things I've learned in my experiences , but I'd most definitely recommend and hire again.

Brad M.

Great service!! Michael works hard for his customer/clients.

Tim T.

Great attorney that really knows his stuff!

Paula Houston S.

Mike has always been available to speak to us about our case. Then he talks to us like a friend and not just a client. He’s very knowledgeable and knows how to get things done. He had our bankruptcy settled very quickly. I recommend Mike to anybody that ever asks about needing an attorney. I’m proud to call Mike my attorney and my friend!

Julie Johnson D.

Mike is a great attorney and you can trust him to represent you in your time of need! He always stays on top of everything and ensures you know all of the processes every step of the way!

Nikki B.

I went to the lawyer Army Officer’s Basic Course with Michael. He was likable, professional, and a true pleasure to work with.

Sam D.

Mike Carey is an outstanding Bankruptcy attorney. He knows the law, which is obviously important. But even more important, he knows how to work with people who are facing difficulties in their lives. He is man of his word who always places his clients’ best interests first. As far as I am concerned, Mike is the first choice anyone should make in seeking out advice about debt relief.

Bobby J.

We love Michael Carey. He has helped us in many ways and he cares about you. I would not go anywhere else.

SueEllen R.

Had some law work done he did a good job would go back